Perhaps the incessant and seemingly never ending 9-5 slog at your desk job is starting to grind your gears of what is reasonable and maintainable?

Frankly, we hear ya! Not everyone is wired to fit into somebody else’s schedule day in, day out. Some of us are more entrepreneurial in spirit – that is – we work best in managing ourselves, and dreaming big to launch incredible businesses and ideas.

If you’ve always slotted into that category, welcome! We are here for you. Realistically, you could call startup creative your knight in shining armour. We’re here to whisk you off to greener pastures.

Sounds like a dream? It is, just one that happens to be your reality as well!

Your dream

  • To fulfil your passion and turn that passion into your career.
  • To become a successul business owner.
  • To live an exciting, inspiring life where you’re constantly pinching yourself!

So how do you progress a dream into a dream career?

Startup creative founder Kaylene Langford has devised the perfect four-module online course to turn that brilliant idea you’ve got bubbling away in your brand into your dream career.

The ‘What The Hell Am I Doing?” online course is fun, interactive and motivational – the perfect formula to give you the inspiration and drive to flip over that office cubicle desk and ride off into the night laughing manically and majestically with a new set of business wings. Turn your life into the one you’re proud to lead.

Membership will gain you access to the full 4-module online course as well as membership to the ‘What The Hell Am I Doing’ Facebook community.

Sign up now to be the first to hear of the next release date!

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