So often as a business coach I encounter extremely talented individuals who have a great idea, skillset or talent but seem to be lacking the confidence, self-belief, and clarity to bring it to life.

Over the last five years, I’ve mastered the art of teaching clients how to get started, connect with the right people to grow their businesses quickly and shared what it takes to cut through a busy market place and make some strong business moves.

What’ve come to believe is that unless you are able to master your mindset, it doesn’t matter what skills or talents you have you will likely see them come to life with ease and perhaps even find yourself giving up altogether unless your mindset is wired for success.

So if you’ve felt like you’ve been going around in circles, procrastinating about your goals and not quite landing the dreams you desire for your life, now is the perfect time to learn the skillset of mastering your mind for success.

This course is the missing piece you’ve been looking for. It’s time to let go of the negative self-talk, same old condition, fear, self-doubt and begin to master your mindset for your greatest success yet.




“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.”
Deepak Chopra


This course is for you if you are ready to:


  • Find an authentic unwavering self-confidence to back yourself fully
  • Connect to a passionate ‘WHY’ for your business and your life
  • Identify and release limiting beliefs that are keeping you small
  • Set yourself goals that will scare you a little and help you to go bigger than you ever have before
  • Master the art of ‘laser focus’ on your dreams, goals and daily tasks
  • Step into the absolute greatest version of yourself
  • Proactively redesign your life to be in alignment with your wildest dreams
  • Learn how to program an abundance mindset and attract more wealth, opportunities and exciting experiences into your life
  • Overcome limiting beliefs around money, wealth and worthiness
  • Skillsets to allow you to hold firm to your vision in the face of fear and adversity
  • Practical tips for staying focused and motivated on the journey
  • How to attract and be ready for opportunities that will blow your mind




In this course, we will cover:



Module #1 – Authentic Confidence and Self Belief 

Can I really do this? 

What to do when no one believes In you 

Am I really ___________ enough? 

How to find a WHY that will fuel your wildest dreams 


Module #2 – Dreaming BIG 

Are you capable of dreaming of something you’ve never had? 

How to set goals and dreams that you will actually achieve 

Understand what’s stopping you from reaching your dreams?

How to release limiting beliefs to get you to your end goal sooner 


Module #3 – Overcoming Fear 

How do you react when life feels out of control? 

Can you stand in the face of fear?

How to master your emotions and inner voice when you’re out of your comfort zone 

Strategies for overcoming fear once and for all 


Module #4 – Money Mindset 

Identifying your core beliefs around money and how they might be holding you back 

Rewiring your mind for abundant financial success 

Hacks for changing your perspective, belief, and attitude to money 

The secrets to creating abundance 


Module #5 – Focus and Motivation 

How do you find and maintain clarity every day in business, life, and daily tasks

Overcoming comparison and learning how to run your own race 

Harnessing your energy for productivity 

Tips, tricks, and hacks on how to work smarter, not harder 


Module #6 – Taking Massive Action 

How to execute on your goals and dreams 

Setting yourself up for receiving opportunities 

Learning the language, beliefs, and mindsets of a successful person 

How to be proactive and get more of what you want in life & business 









  • Pre-Course Worksheet upon registration to help you get clear on where you are and where you want to be
  • Pre-course welcome video and immediate access to Kaylene via FB group and email to start your training ASAP
  • Access to Private Facebook Group to connect with Kaylene and other group members
  • Six weeks of ongoing support from Kaylene, founder of StartUp Creative and Program Facilitator
  • 6 x one-hour group training calls
  • 6 x work booklets full of reflection questions and follow up homework for you to take action on the lessons.
  • 30 min 1:1 coaching session with Kaylene
  • Bonus resources, content, and recommendations for you to devour in-between sessions
  • 2 x bonus live Q&A w/ Kaylene to answer personalised questions to apply to your needs
  • Discounted follow up 1:1 coaching for ongoing support




  • 6 weeks to commit fully to yourself, the course content and taking action on the task allocated during the program
  • 6 x  60 min webinar training with Kaylene, Founder StartUp Creative
  • 1 x 1:1 60 min coaching session with Kaylene
  • $1595 – (payment plans available on request – more info in FAQ)




The program officially starts on 1st July 2019

Finishes on 10th August 2019

Only 12 spaces available



**Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about this program



Ready to dive straight in?


Want to learn more about the facilitator Kaylene? Check out a recent live talk she did at Creative Mornings Melbourne, tune into the podcast to suss her vibe or flick her an email and grill her on all the things.
See you in class.

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