How The Spirit Of Halloween Can Help You Grow Your Business

Halloween is traditionally a time of endings. Originally an old tradition that signified the ending of the summer months and the day on which the souls that died the previous year traveled to ‘the other side.’ The new year and beginning of the winter cycles were celebrated the next day on the 1st November.

I’m personally a sucker for traditions, rituals, and ceremonies. I aim to practice some sort of significant self-made ‘ritual’ once a week. Be it setting my intentions for the week ahead on a Sunday night, acknowledging the things I’m grateful for over wine with friends on a Friday or something surrounding the moon cycle, a hot cup of Cacao and burning Palo Santo.

I’ve found great power in these practices over the years. There’s something meaningful about taking time out of the everyday hustle to observe how life is playing out. To set clear intentions for what it is that I really want for my life and take notice all of the old habits that are no longer serving me.

I’m all for building authentic, real businesses with real people and I’m certain that without first facing our own shit as humans, we can’t possibly reach our full potential as entrepreneurs.

So this Halloween, let’s get comfortable with death and dying and use this time to let go of all the things that are holding us back, that no longer serve us and allow our limiting beliefs to die once and for all.

By taking time out to observe what beliefs, patterns, and habits are playing out in our life, we are able to pull out the weeds that are holding us back and make space for more of what we truly want in our lives.

This Tuesday 31st October join me in taking some time out to reflect on the following questions in order to let go of the old and make way for the new.

Letting go:

What old attachments, stories, and beliefs are you holding onto that need to die?
What limiting beliefs are holding you back from reaching your full potential?
Where are you allowing self-doubt to hold you back from taking action?
What lessons have you learned from your life experiences this past season?

Now take time to bid farewell to all that you wish to let go of. 

Calling in:

By letting go of the old, I am making more space for ….
If I were to take massive action, without fear between now and the end of the year what could I achieve?
What do I want more of in my day to day life?

Take a moment to sit in gratitude and hope for your present life and your abundant future ahead.