Why Startups Need Good Design

It’s no secret that we’re all about good design. Actually, good just doesn’t cut it. We’re obsessed with greatdesign. Call us bias, but we reckon everybody needs great design in their lives, especially those of you starting a new business.
Great design is particularly important for the newbies among you because, let’s be honest, you want to make the best possible impression. Your brand’s design is the first thing that potential customers (and investors) engage with, and first impressions matter. Design can reveal the fine line between professional and amateur, slick and sloppy, between being taken seriously or being flippantly dismissed like anchovies on a pizza.

Here are a few things to think about when trying to determine the importance of design on your business plan.

01. How do you want to be seen in the world?

Hello world, it’s me, your first impression. Most people actually do judge a book by its cover, and brand aesthetics are to your business what a book cover is to, well, a book. You’ve taken the first leap and really put yourself out there, you’ve probably written 100 drafts of your business plan before locking anything in, you’ve scrutinized over your brand name, you’ve delved deeper into you finances than you ever thought possible, you’ve educated yourself on all the ins and outs of the marketplace. So why skimp on design when it’s the very thing that first slaps people in the face once you hit that ‘go live’ button?!

02. What are your brand values?

People want more than a product or a service. They want to know the story behind the brand, they want to know what the brand means and stands for, they want to know what your brand values are, and they wouldn’t mind if you paid for their dinner and drinks while you’re at it. Chivalry isn’t dead. If your values align with theirs, like the stars, you’ll land a more dedicated and supportive audience (which is never a bad thing). Great design will help you portray these values subtly, gently beckoning viewers into your world and giving them an insight into the why of your business.

03. Who is your core audience?

So you hear it loud and clear — values attract like minded people to your cause. But while you’re at it, you should be thinking about the best way to visually attract your core audience to your brand. Think about who they are, what they are attracted to, what their habits are, where they go for beer on a Sunday session, whether they are #teamjess or #teamlogan and so on. If you can both identify these things and represent them through kiss-your-feet brilliant design, chances are you will speak to your core audience without even breaking a sweat.

04. Do you want to be long lasting?

Great design brings with it a promise of longevity, and a clear indication that you’re in it for the long run. If you’ve invested some serious time and money into nailing your design and perfecting your aesthetic, it proves you’ve poured thought and care into the planning of your business. This degree of meticulous TLC which in turn be associated with your brand for the long haul, and will build a perception that yeah, you really give a damn. It proves you’re dedicated to be more than just a flash in the pan.