Tech Talk with Teniellr Stoltenkamp

Tenielle is the marketing manager for Uber Brisbane and Gold Coast; a ride-sharing app that connects riders to drivers with the touch of a button. Her passions can be summed up in two words: creativity and coffee. Both fuel her current and previous roles which have included Creative Strategist, TV Producer, Script Writer and PR Consultant.
We sat down to quiz Tenielle on her top tech tips and advice for startups.

Her top picks for efficiency:


I ditch my car on meeting days and use Uber as my mobile office. Uber is the safest, cheapest, most reliable way to get around – and those extra minutes in an Uber free me up to gather my thoughts before a meeting or catch up on phone calls and emails.

New to Uber? Use the promo code STARTUP2 for $25 off your first ride.


Social media monitoring, scheduling, and real time engagement across multiple social media accounts at the same time! Never miss a post or tweet or opportunity to engage with your audience.

“The greatest advice I can offer budding entrepreneurs and busy business people alike is to: nail your processes, maximise your time and productivity and SIMPLIFY. Build a toolkit that works for you – to maintain disciplined routines that help create space and time to focus on the things you really love!”


Charlie App scans your daily calendar and emails you a brief about the people you’re meeting with. Learn about your mutual LinkedIn connections, the topics you’re both interested in, as well as recent articles about them or their company. Charlie app is a great tool for all of your meetings.


Take the pain out of tracking and reporting your expenses. Upload pics of your receipts, track your mileage and create expense reports all within the app. Check out their affordable plan for StartUps!


As an entrepreneur you need to be continually learning. This year I’ve made the deliberate decision to use my commute to learn and be inspired. My picks: StartUp Podcast and Seth Godins StartUp School 

Search for both in the app store.