Tech Talk

Jess is the Founder of Collabosaurus, a platform that pairs brands together for product, events and social media collaborations. She’s all about brands coming together so they can tap into each others’ audiences and gain amazing exposure through cross promotion. It’s basically influencer marketing on steroids. No matter what stage of business you’re in, high impact (yet low cost (or no cost!]) Marketing is an absolute no-brainer. Jess believes in the power of collaboration and technology so much that she launched a match-making platform to makes it easier for you to find valuable, non competing brands to collaborate with. She’s a sucker for time-saving online tools and she’s put together her top 5 to kick your marketing into gear.


Collabosaurus is like a dating site for brands to find exposure opportunities. I believe that to get in front of new audiences in a cost-effective, authentic way, brand collaboration is essential. I have grown my own business dramatically thanks to strategic partnerships and consistently use the site to source collaboration partners for events, social media, referral and product creation projects. It’s a straightforward, creative way to hit a whole new community of people with no budget!


When I tell people about Yesware they initially think I’m a stalker, and then quickly jot down the website for themselves. It’s a software that links to my personal gmail account and lets me schedule individual emails to go out, track links + attachments within my emails and see who opened the email, how many times and when. This is great for private clients and publicity reach outs because you know when they’ve seen the email!


If getting publicity exposure is high on your to-do list, Sourcebottle will notify you of opportunities specific to your industry! It works like a newsletter, where a curated list of opportunities are emailed to you daily. Journalists use it to find ‘sources’ for their stories – so it’s a fabulous tool to build credibility and gain exposure.


Ever heard of ‘evergreen content’? It’s basically content that remains relevant over time. Edgar will automatically re-use and repost evergreen content so that it hits new audiences each time, without you having to reschedule duplicates on social media.


I absolutely cannot wait for this app to launch! Plann lets you VISUALLY plan your Instagram feed through drag + drop features. This means you can draft your Instagram feed (with hashtags and captions) from your smartphone. AND it’s an app, so there are no ongoing fees! Keen bean.

image via Collabosaurus