The Business of Freedom

You’re invited to design a life and business of freedom, joy, and ease. 

Introducing ‘The Business of Freedom’, a four-week online course guided by Kaylene, founder of StartUp Creative. 

This course has been in the making for almost a year now. A result of my own personal journey with meditation, mindfulness, training the mind and using the power of your subconscious to master your life, your business, your income and your relationships. 

I have come to believe that each and every one of us is the true creator of our own reality. Our experience in this world is a result of what we think, feel, believe and act on. With the right tools, a commitment to a daily practice and unwavering self-belief in your ability to design the life of your dreams, you will witness magic unfold before your very eyes as you take control of your destiny and step into the truest version of yourself, the creator. 

Join me for a four-week course as we explore exactly how to do this. The tools, techniques, mindsets, routines, and rituals that will help you to release limiting beliefs, connect with your purpose and take massive action in the direction of your dream life and business. 

By the end of the course you will: 

  • Break free of living a mediocre life that no longer serves you 
  • Uncover your deepest passion, purpose, and desires 
  • Be clear on your purpose and know how you build a successful career living it fully  
  • Release limiting beliefs that keep you small 
  • Embody success and attract more of it with ease 
  • Develop skills to identify when life is in flow and how to maintain it for more ease, joy and freedom every day
  • Learn daily practices and techniques to help your life a more empowered and successful life 
  • Become the master of your experiences 
  • Feel confident in yourself to design and create your dream life 
  • Develop a clear and practical plan to take your passion into the work 
  • Be empowered to live an extraordinary life and do more of what you love 
  • Learn how to run your business structures, strategies, techniques, and skills from a place of purpose, passion and ease 
  • Remember who you truly are and why you are on this planet 
  • Reduce the stress and pressure that comes with being ‘outcomes’ focused, stuck in this time and space reality 
  • Harness the power of your mind to manifest your wildest dreams 
  • Learn how to serve others using your passion


Week One. Remember

  • A journey back in time before you attached to all the beliefs that you now project as ‘who you think you are’. Discover what is keeping you small, what beliefs you hold onto the no longer serve you and learn practical techniques to let them go. 
  • When we release all of our small-minded, limiting beliefs that trick us into believing that we ‘aren’t good enough, smart enough, rich enough, strong enough, etc’ we create space to really dream into who we are meant to be in this world 

Week Two. Dream

  • What are you truly capable of? 
  • What if you lived a life without fear?
  • What if you created a life and a business that flowed with joy, ease, and abundance? 
  • What if you were to wake up every day and LOVE what you do? 
  • What if you were to live feeling deeply connected to yourself, to your purpose and the life that you created? 

All things are truly possible if you only allow yourself to dream BIG enough to watch them manifest in your life. Learn what it takes to dream bigger than you ever have before and truly embody success, happiness and abundance in your life then sit back and watch it unfold before your very eyes. 

Week Three. Change. 

  • You can not create a new life of freedom, joy, and ease if you are still attached to the feelings lack, being stuck and the victim to your current circumstances. Learn the discipline of changing old patterns and rewiring new neuropathways to experience more of what you truly desire for your life. Make a lasting change. Release the old you and commit to designing the life of your dreams with a new set of beliefs and habits in your life. 

Week Four. Manifest

  • Are you ready to watch your thoughts become reality? Learn the skill set of using your mind combined with meditation to manifest your wildest dreams. By focusing on what you truly want, holding the energy of your desire in your body and having a deep, genuine gratitude for receiving your desires, you hold the power to create your dream reality. 


Take a bold leap in the direction of your dream life and join us for a transformation four-week course that will change the way you see yourself, your business, your environment and your future.


Join now – Course only registration – $499 




Course + 1:1 coaching session (valued at $479)  with Kaylene post-course, to apply the skills to your business success – $799

*save $179  

**only 10 spaces available 



**Limited spaces.



Course Includes:

  • Self-reflection intake form that will equip you for the transformation process 
  • Weekly workbooks on each of the topics 
  • Weekly 45 minute Facebook live to teach with Kaylene 
  • Weekly live Q&A with Kaylene in private Facebook group 
  • Access to a private Facebook group with peer support, discussion questions, weekly activities, and sharing. 
  • Weekly Techniques, tricks, tips, routines, training and rituals to apply to your own life 
  • Spotify playlist of tracks to use in your own daily practice 

Start date: Monday 10th September 2018

End date: Sunday 7th October 2018


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For a brief insight into the course content, Kaylene, and the course details check out the video below.