The global secret to running a successful business

I love traveling overseas, it gives me so much perspective on life and snaps me out of my everyday routines, limiting beliefs and excuses.  It fills me with inspiration, motivation, and drives me to dream bigger.

Seeing how people do business around the world, what works, what makes businesses exceptional and walking the streets of the cities that breed brilliant minds, ideas and inspiring businesses always leave me feeling energised and ready to go bigger in my own business.

This past three weeks I got to dine with, interview and observe entrepreneurs and businesses in New York City and LA. Here are my top 3 tips on what I think makes a globally successful business.

  1. Make something great. I am forever reminded that this really is the key to all successful businesses. Bringing something to the world that is quality, that people need and that will be unique and different to what is already in the marketplace. There’s no use jumping ahead to your branding, Instagram feed or fun marketing tactics unless you have nailed your product or service. The businesses that do best, have nailed the quality of their offering and are confident in that what they are offering is of a need to their target market. How can you make your business GREAT?
  2. Show up every day. It’s not enough to build the foundations of a business and expect that you will have all the success you’ve ever dreamt of. Business is hard bloody work and you need to commit to it every single day like you do a relationship, a healthy lifestyle or learning something new. Get real with yourself and ask the tough question, am I showing up and giving my best for my business every single day? Where can you make more effort to commit to your business, show up and work hard for your success?
  3. Know your worth. I saw this over and over again in NYC. I am lucky enough to have an amazing group of friends, colleagues, and peers in this bustling city who run inspiring and successful businesses. The noticed the common denominator in them all is that they are confident in their skill sets, what they have to offer and the quality of how they will deliver it. As a result, people pay them what they ask and they have built abundant and successful lives and businesses in one of the most unforgiving cities in the world. When you hold the energy of your worth and back yourself with unwavering self-belief, people will be drawn to you and your offering. It all starts within. Take some time out to reflect on the energy you are putting out to the world and see where you might be harboring self-doubt and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your earning potential.


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