The Hamburgler

Michael Glasser is The Hamburgler – a Melbourne based jew who loves bacon in burgers. Michael was your every day guy who loved to catch up over a beer and burger with mates, but he has turned his passion into a social media phenomenon. With a casual 40+k followers on Instagram, The Hamburgler has become a hub for burger enthusiasts around Australia with his mouth-watering photos and unbiased reviews. Naturally, it didn’t come without the criticism of those who knew him (not another blogger?!), but since they’ve been getting free beer and burgers they’ve learned to appreciate that sometimes you’ve just got to let a guy do what he’s good at … in this case, it’s eating bloody good burgers (and lots of them!).

1. How was the Hamburgler born, what was the inspiration?

I’ve always loved burgers but was usually eating them too fast to take a photo. My sister has a breakfast blog and she said to me one day just start taking photos and posting them on Insta, then I started writing reviews and that’s pretty much it!

2. Why did you choose Instagram as your primary platform?

Instagram is simple and all about imagery, I have always had an interest in photography and thought this would be the best way to practice and show off what I’ve learnt. Plus, it’s very quick, you like a photo and scroll on – it’s all about catching people’s attention with your photos!

3. How did you go about building your online community?

I think I just hit the trend when it started, burgers were blowing up in Melbourne and luckily I started at the time I did. My following grew as people’s Interest for burgers grew.

4. What do you think was the key to making it grow so rapidly?

I got a camera around 4K followers and believe that really helped grow the brand – people knew they were following me for mouth watering photos.

5. How did your friends react to The Hamburgler? What criticism/support did you receive?

I’m not going to lie, I copped a lot of shit when I first started out, they thought I was just another blogger – but now when we go out for burgers and beers and the bills taken care of by the restaurant, they started to pull their heads in.

6. How did you go about collaborating with businesses?

I simply thought of an idea that would benefit both of us and then you just have to have the balls to ask! It’s simple, if you have an idea make sure it benefits all three people involved – the clients, the customer and yourself. Also make sure you aren’t doing anything for money either – it takes away from why you are doing it!

7. What advice do you have for anyone who has a passion that they want to turn into a social media phenomenon?

Just commit to it! You might feel like a dickhead for starting it but if you are passionate about it there will no doubt be someone out there who wants to hear what you have to say!