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The power of zooming out and working ‘on’ your business



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Burnt out. Uninspired. Resentful and Bored. Whether you’re there now or have been there in the past, we’ve all felt it.

Today I want to talk to you about zooming out and why it’s so important to work on your business and not in it and get you feeling motivated and inspired again.

We all have that ideology implanted in our heads that if we aren’t hustling, we aren’t being productive enough. But as important as it is to hustle, it’s just as important to pump the breaks, sit down, bouncearound ideas and generate creative input.

We must learn to zoom out of our analytical mind while we’re wearing the many hats within our business and step into our creative dreaming space of innovation and collaboration.

This episode provides tips on how you can input your brain with creative inspiration and resources outside of your industry, learning to be okay with your never-ending to-do list and how to tell when it’s the right time to zoom out of your business

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