How I Turned My Love of Sex Into A Successful Startup

It all began when I became bored teaching Yoga and wanted to spice up my career. I’m not going to lie … I was completely over the whole ‘Namaste’ lifestyle and ready to embrace something a little deeper and edgier. A postgrad Masters in Sexology had my name written all over it and before I knew it I was knee-deep in essays on orgasm and female ejaculation. Yes! I’ d finally found my true calling.

Sex has always been a favourite topic of mine and so it seemed completely logical that I make a career out of my passion (cliché, but true). While studying I found myself at a crossroad; I could keep doing what I was doing (teach Yoga and work as a youth worker) or choose to jump in the deep end and brand myself as a Sexologist, website and all. I chose the latter option, and before I knew it I was being named ‘Australia’s leading Sexologist’.

Was it easy? No! I had to back myself 100% and enter into a career that is scarce in the world, not to mention the fact sex is still such a taboo topic. Backing myself and creating a name for myself was edgy use ‘risky’ here instead of edgy? Seems to fit better with the purpose of the sentence, it pushed me outside of my personal comfort zone and challenged me to own my power as a woman and own my passion and drive for great sex. But hey, if I didn’t back myself and believe in myself, who would? And who else would bring this work into the world?

Despite the challenges, turning my love for sex into a successful startup has been the best move yet. I run my own schedule, I’m my own boss, I have freedom with my time, and I’m able to be there for my daughter 100%. Not to mention I get to talk about sex all day long, which is a dream come true! I wouldn’t have life any other way and I truly believe that if I can build a startup around sex, you can build your own startup around whatever the hell you want. AMAZING!

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