Wild Spirit Co.

After being told her full-time contract would no longer be renewed, Cass Lane felt nothing but relief. Spurred on by her desire to help startup companies and her new found freedom of being unemployed, she began Wild Spirit Co. StartUp Creative chatted to Cass about her unique approach to running a business and what the title ‘creative’ copywriter actually means.

What is Wild Spirit Co.?

Wild Spirit Co. is a creative copywriting agency that fist-bumps with heart-on-their-sleeve start-ups, entrepreneurs and business owners who are getting their hands dirty and muddying their knees in the act of dream chasing.

And in case you have zero idea what the heck I’m talking about, copywriting is just a fancy way of saying that I wrangle, wrestle and woo words for a living. It’s also one of the ways you can craft an inimitable and irresistible brand that instantly connects with your target market.

Where did you find the inspiration to start your own business?

After I launched my other business, Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine, I started interacting with some seriously cool business owners. I loved what they were doing and wanted to help transform their ideas into a thriving, successful reality.

My original copywriting business was focused on every Tom and his dog, but after I started H+W Magazine I decided that I’d only work with the game-changers. Now, if somebody’s business or project doesn’t light me up I don’t accept it because how I can do their vision justice if I don’t personally believe in them?

Were you previously working for someone else? If so, how did you transition into owning your own business?


I’ve had a variety of jobs and careers: advertising executive, journalist, events manager, communications manager and I was even a (really bad) executive assistant for a while there.

But I sucked at working for other people, which was probably why I felt nothing but relief when I was fired. I remember receiving a ‘thanks, but no thanks, we’re not renewing your contract’ text message from my boss. I showed it to my partner, he high-fived me and then we went down to the beach for a swim. When we got home, I plopped down in front of the computer to start Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine.

Being fired was one of the best things that could have happened. There was no transition period. I’m still working with some really inspiring businesses and making my small (but hopefully positive) impression on the world.

What makes Wild Spirit Co. unique?

My complete lack of corporate professionalism! My approach is a little unique, which is why I call myself a ‘creative’ copywriter.

I like to work in synch with the lunar cycles (hello, inner hippy) and I meditate before I write to ensure I’m in the zone, giving it everything I have. I also try to work in nature whenever I can because I believe it infuses my work with more purity and creativity. I also work exclusively with spirited souls who are looking to make a difference in the world. If I don’t dig your vibe, we won’t do a jive.

How does your brand reflect your own personality?

My logo and visual branding is very ‘pastel free spirit’ and I’ve been told it conjures up feelings of contentment, hope and peace. I designed and wrote my website myself, so it definitely has a huge chunk of my heart, soul and personality!

What does success look like for you?

Knowing that if this were your last day on earth, you’d be proud and content with what you’ve brought into the world.

Why is great copy so important?

Through this interview alone (and probably by the time you’ve finished the first paragraph), you’ll have decided whether you like me. Whether I’m somebody you’d have a coffee with or somebody that you’d ever want to hang out with. And yet, we’ve never met.

Words have power. Words connect us. And words, as much as we like to think otherwise, sell us. They sell our story, our personal and professional brand and our vision.

Sure, welcome videos are great and awesome graphic design is a must, but there’s something divinely magical about the way words can inspire, provoke and bewitch somebody you’ve never even met.

Any top tips on finding the right copywriter?

1.    Go with your gut instinct! If you’re hesitating, there’s a reason for it.

2.    Check out their writing style: Most writers have their own signature style and while we can tweak our tune in the same way actors can ‘become’ a different character, it’s easier to go with someone whose natural style is pretty close to what you want for your brand.


Words by Caitlin Hennessy