Written In The Stars

Astrology is the study of the movements of celestial bodies and the influence they have on human’s lives and has been practiced for centuries, but tends to be met with a certain stigma and cynicism. While some of us can be sceptical about its credibility, there’s no denying that we’ve all flicked to the horoscope section in the back of a glossy magazine to read our predictions for the month ahead; it’s an engrained curiosity to learn more about ourselves and the people around us.

A hunger to learn more about herself and humans in general, is the exact reason New York designer Nadine Jane began studying astrology eight years ago. Despite growing up in a science-loving household with chemistry professors as parents, the inherently curious Nadine felt the pull of astrology and had to know everything about it.

“My Dad always says ‘I wish that you would have been an astronomer instead of an astrologist’,” she laughs. But she didn’t let his scepticism stop her from learning whatever she could on the topic.

What Nadine describes as an obsession, started after a random woman on the street told her she didn’t seem like a Aquarius.

“I thought, what the fuck does that mean?” she says.

“So then I wanted to discover what it meant to be an Aquarius. I heavily identified with that. Then I wondered, what does it mean if my best friend’s a Taurus, and I went down that rabbit hole.”

From there, Nadine discovered Natal Charts, which to her was the opening of Pandora’s box.

“The amazing thing about Natal Charts is it can go as far as understanding why you’re brought into the family that you were. It talks about relationship dynamics that you might have with your mum or your life partner,” she explains.

She loved how Natal Charts could identify both strengths and weaknesses in a person.

“Once you have that information it’s a) affirming, and b) you can do something practical with it. So I was hooked,” she says.

After spending hours reading countless books and scouring hundreds of websites, Nadine decided it was time to share her findings with others. She wanted to share with her peers all the information she had learnt but in a more digestible and understandable way than how she had learnt.

“There’s so much healing and self growth that can come out of astrology, but no one is going to read through a HTML 1.0 website about [it],” she laughs.

During her final year of design college, Nadine had to build a website for assessment. She decided to build an astrology site as a platform to share her knowledge and bridge the gap between spirituality and technology.

Nadine’s friend’s loved what she was doing and pushed her to start an Instagram account. So, on September 2017 at 1am, she started @nadinejane_astrology as an add-on to her website.

“From there I started making these square Instagram posts. I didn’t know what it would turn into but I thought maybe there’s something here.

“It was fun to take the big Aries page on my site and take a couple lines from that and I was like huh, that’s actually a really catchy Instagram post.”

The account, filled with squares of bite-sized astrological predictions, explanations, mantras and compatible signs, juxtaposed on top of stunning imagery, was the exact thing her generation wanted to digest. Since we spoke with Nadine late last year, the account has grown by around 10k followers.

Perhaps this is the millennial’s version of star signs in the back of a glossy magazine, except with a whole lot more sophistication and interaction. Whatever it is, Nadine plans to stay true to her voice and her audience to make sure Nadine Jane Astrology maintains its integrity and intention.

“Did I ever think I’d be doing this with my life? No! But I’ve never learnt anything faster or more naturally in my life and I think that’s the kind of stuff you need to be listening to,” she says.

While Nadine is still working as a designer, she’s also coming to terms with the fact that this could be a full time career for her in the future. One thing is for sure; we will remain curious and continue following her success story wherever it leads.