The Business Of Being Ziggy Alberts

Now that we’re well and truly in the frosty cold depths of winter, we figure you could all do with some earthy soul-soothing sounds to make your little hearts all toasty warm. We asked coastal kid and singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts to put together his current ideal playlist and spoke with him about what got him started as a career musician and the inspirations that keep him on track.

Ziggy Alberts was the tender age of 16 when his passion for songwriting first ignited. After his parents gifted him with a guitar, he channeled his already existing love for writing and combined it with music to go on to create the folky heartfelt tunes he graces our ears with today. Alberts draws inspiration from the likes of Jack Johnson, Ben Howard, and Horrorshow, as well as a healthy dose of R’n’B queens including Salt’N’Peppa, Destiny’s Child and the uber “sassy and sexy” Rihanna.

After growing up on the East Coast, it’s not surprising that if he’s not spending his time crafting or listening to melodies, Alberts is instead soaking up the tasty good vibes of Mother Nature. “That’s what gives me the most joy and the most inspiration in my writing”. It’s not uncommon for him to be immersed in the ocean either surfing or diving but, of course, being a committed career musician you can still expect to find him in front of the computer from time to time managing the ins and outs that go with the job.

When asked his favourite place to listen to music, Alberts chose Spotify as his main go-to. “Streaming services have helped prevent a need to illegally download music. I discover a lot of music on Spotify”. A conscious member of the music industry, Alberts made a point that the topic was somewhat dangerous and the need to support musicians as much as possible is overwhelming prevalent – “buying someone’s tracks on iTunes or Google Play benefits the artist much more”.

As for his own playlist, look out for a mix of mainly locally grown tunes – “my favourite songs from artists I’m lucky to call friends”.

And his tip for someone seeking the key to turning their passion into a successful career? “Never let your inhibitions affect your ability. Your true capabilities are well beyond your doubts”.

So with that in mind, pour yourself a glass of red, light some candles, run an unreasonably warm bath and drench yourself in the acoustics while you wash away that silly self-doubt.

Ziggy Alberts is touring Europe from June – September 2017. For all the latest deets on where he’s at/heading to, click your way to