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StartUp Creative



the place where risk-taking
and creativity explode into action

So, you've finally been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

You have a burning desure to start a new business and creare a life of freedom.
A life where you can be your truest creative self, uncap your earning potential,
and spend more time with the people you love.

The only problem –

Where the heck do you start?

It's easy to fantasise about building a thriving business. But when it comes to the nitty-gritty steps you have to take to get there - you're lost.

You’re overwhelmed and confused because –

  • You have too many ideas buzzing around your head and no clue which one is actually worth your time and energy
  • You’ve heard all the things you have to do to start a business – marketing, branding, website – but you’re clueless on what to focus on first
  • There’s too much noise on Instagram and Facebook about how to scale your business and you have no idea which advice is legit

If only you could find someone who could give you the clarity and direction you're hungry for.

someone who can give you a clear roadmap showing you how to get from here to the life you've been dreaming of, complete with the proven, actionable steps you need to take.

Someone who can be your cheerleader, mentor, and tough-love provider so you actually take your actions on your goals.

Hi, I'm Kaylene Langford,
founder of StartUp Creative.

But since I can tell we’re going to be working super closely together,
you can call me Kay.

Over 6 years ago, I launched StartUp Creative as a tiny side-hustle and grew it into the leading destination for people who want to get seriously start-upped on their business.

It took a ton of late nights, steep learning curves, and truckloads of caffeinated liquid magic for me to create my dream life. But it taught me exactly what it takes to start an impactful and sustainable business.

The best part?

I’ve been able to bottle up all of my knowledge and pass it onto other aspiring business owners like you.

In the last 6 years, I’ve:

  • Coached 1000s of entrepreneurs on scaling their business to the next level so they can hit their revenue goals
  • hosted countless business workshops for brands like General Assembly & Creative Mornings
  • Training thousands of startups around the globe on how to get their ideas off the ground and out into the world
  • Curated Accelerator Programs for Universities and Corporate Businesses Written and soon to be globally published book ‘How To Start A Side Hustle’

and now I want to equip you with the tools, training, and community you need to succeed.

Introducing the...

StartUp Creative



the place where risk-taking
and creativity explode into action

For the FIRST time ever, I'm combining all of my knowledge, training and valuable network together into one place, just for you.

This exclusive membership is just like my usual business coaching –
but with an even bigger dose of caffeine.

Be one of the first 10 to join and you’ll get XXX bonuses

Here's what's waiting for you inside
Startup Creative business coaching academy:

A thriving hub of like-minded
superstars who are ready to plunge
into the world of startups

To truly last for the long-haul, you need a solid community behind you – which is why I’m giving you an all-access pass to my little black book of amazing entrepreneurs and coaching clients.

Instead of just tapping into my knowledge, you’ll also get to peek into the brains of other passionate go-getters who are all striving to level up their business.

Need to chat to people who understand the highs and lows of the business journey in a way your family and partner never will? Say hello to your new group of business besties.

Want to hire someone to help your business? Just hit up the squad with your offer. It’s the perfect place to find qualified leads or seize golden opportunities.

Business Training

Business is a whole new ball game. So I want to equip you with everything you need to start and run a successful business that will ultimately give you FREEDOM.

Every month, you’ll get 2 x LIVE Masterclasses from me and a stellar guest entrepreneur who is killing it in their field. By the end, you’ll walk away with practical tips and tricks on conquering your limiting beliefs, boosting your productivity, marketing yourself to the world, and so much more.

Instant access
to the members-only
resource library

This jam packed library contains ALL of my past training and workshops on how to build a business and it’s full of tried and tested strategies you can start implementing right away.

You’ll also get access to all new training and workshops I deliver in 2021 and beyond – and trust me, I plan on delivering a lot.

First dibs
Access to me

As a member, you don’t have to book an hour session with me (valued at $600) and wait weeks for an open spot in my dairy to get my insights on your business.

All you have to do is shoot me your burning business questions via the chatbox on our platform or pop it in the Q&A thread. I’ll be right there in the business trenches with you reading and responding so you never feel like you’re going through these obstacles alone.

Prefer to talk it out? Every month, I’ll also host Live Group Hot Seat Calls so you and I can chat through your latest challenges. Each call will be recorded so you can learn from your fellow squad members.

Join the startup creative business coaching academy

for only $49 AUD a month.

Doors close on 1st february 2021 so get in quick!

A 10-minute chat with Kay is enough to make my brain explode with so much clarity and so many exciting ideas to grow my business.

Before I started business coaching, I felt lost and confused over how I could turn my freelancing service into something more. I knew all the ‘business basics’ but I had no idea how to apply it to my own service. Investing in Kay and listening to her speak propelled me from struggling freelancer into a fully-fledged business owner in just 2 months. I now know *exactly* where I’m headed. I’m able to charge way more. And I’ve increased my monhtly revenue. Cha-ching!

– Ashley Chow, Ashchow.com

Ready to finally stop making excuses and start taking massive action?

Click the button to become a startup creative academy member and get:

  • Instant access to the members-only resource library containing all of my past training and workshops
  • 2 x Masterclasses every month with me and a guest entrepreneur designed to upskill you in business
  • Monthly LIVE Group Hot Seat Calls to troubleshoot your business questions
  • Access to any future workshops and resources I create
  • Networking and business promotion opportunities to the entire network to get feedback, service providers, and/or new business

Our first masterclass kicks off on the 3rd Feb 2021 so if you’re ready to start the year strong and seize your goals by the bullhorns, join The Squad today.

Doors close on 1st feb 2021 so get in quick!

In an industry of fluff and hot air Kay is the real deal. Working with her is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Kay is an absolute genius at teaching mindset work in an easily digestible, related way. She has an amazing way of sharing ancient wisdom and highly complex, cutting edge science in a way that I can understand and implement into my life and business immediately and in a way that creates tangible results. Kay’s fun and bubbly nature makes learning from her an utter delight.

10/1-, highly recommended, would do it again.

– ANNA turner


The Academy is perfect for freelancers, aspiring entrepreneurs, or small business owners – basically anyone who wants to start their own small business or scale their exisiting business to the next level.

The Academy is the only way you can access my business coaching in 2021 and possibly beyond.

I pour a lot of time and evergy into my coaching clients, and with my new book hitting shelves in 2021, I want to still be able to give you all the valuable insight you deserve. That’s why The Acadmey has the very best of what I have to offer all in one place.

As a member, you’ll be able to chat 1:1 with me via the chat box or you can post your questions in the Q&A thread where I’ll be reading, responding, and cheering you on, on a regular basis. You can also sign up to the monthly Hot Seat Coaching Calls where you and I can chat through the biggest challenges you’re facing.

I’ve hosted hundreds of workshops and coached 1000s of entrepreneurs across all sorts of industries, from surfboard shapers to app developers, health practitioners, labels, musicians, artists, product based businesses and so many more. And what I’ve realised is that entrepreneurs all face similar challenges and obstacles no matter what sort of business they’re building.

They want to know whether they have a genuine solution to a problem. How to speak to their target audience. How to conquer the limiting beliefs holding them back. How to grow and impact more people.

After 6 years of finding solutions to all sorts of problems, I’m confident the training and resources I develop will help answer your biggest questions.

And if you still have specific challenges or problem I haven’t covered in the training or recourses, you can always pop your question in your chatbox with me or sign up for the monthly Hot Seat Calls for us to troubleshoot it via Zoom.

I understand that completely. Investing in yourself is scary – especially when you don’t feel ready to start a business.

Here’s the thing: there’s never a rght time. Life is always going to throw you a reason to put your dreams aside.

You can either keep procrastinating in your current 9-5 job and attempt to pull together the answers to your business questions alone.

Or you can start 2021 strong and get instant access to the community, training, and resources that will fast-track you to a life of freedom for just $79 a month.

I plan on dedicating a lot of my time to coaching the wonderful Academy members during this first intake, and I won’t be bringing new members in until mid-2021. So now is really the best time to jump in and get started on building your business.

Don’t worry – I’ll record every single Masterclass, training, and Hot Seat Call so you can benefit from all the knowledge and replay it in your own time. These calls are packed with so many tangible tips and strategies, you’ll probably need to rewatch them over and over again!

I’m passionate about helping you take your business to the next level and I know these training will help you get there. To get the most value out of The Academy, participate for 3 months and really engage with the community, watch the Masterclasses, and use the resources.

If circumstances change and you still need to leave after 3 months, simply let me know and we can part ways – no questions asked.

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Academy annual



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