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There’s room for you in StartUp Land. This is a place where courage and creativity collide. It is a forum for unchartered territories, unknown terrain, and unfinished business. This is a site dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and educating the wealth of bonafide superstars that dare plunge into the world of startups.

We expect you’ll feel empowered in the knowledge that managing a business you love isn’t a pipedream as much as an opportunity waiting to come to life, simply requiring persistence and sleep deprivation and a reckless renegade spirit of possibility and positivity. Here on this site you will find everything you need to give you a big, bad dose of brave: articles, think-pieces, visual inspo, juicy resources, as well as the kind of stories that make you go ‘yep, I’m in my sweet spot’. So check out our events, peruse the blog, subscribe to the magazine. This is a platform to walk alongside you as you dream for something bigger. Here’s to the dreamers. Here’s to you.

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Got an idea for a business or been toiling with a little side hustle concept? Here’s how you’ll know you’re ready to make some serious moves in the direction of your dream.  You’re feeling all the feels – mostly pain, frustration, and stuckness. Yep! I’ve been here before and 90% of my coaching clients start… Read more »

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Keen to start 2019 with a bang? Here are my 5 simple steps to help you nail your business sales in the new year.  1. Get clear on the problem you are solving for your customer. Your job as a business owner is to understand the pain points of your customer. What are their problems,… Read more »